Dom - Edge of Time (1970)

Edge of Time is a mesmerising psych acoustic « trip », blowing away Pink Floyd at their most « spacey » moments. This is really in German style, original kraut experimentations with organ…A very interesting release whose concept is based upon acid « test ». Their sound perfectly illustrates a psychedelic, meditative landscape. The approach is rather folk, poetic and dreamy, similar to Mythos self title album and others krautrock obscurities. The opening track starts with a peaceful acoustic guitar / flute dialogue, then comes the acoustic percussions, accelerating the rhythm. The track is punctuated by mysterious, deeply celestial organ parts, bells echoes and « weird » noises. « Silence » explores the labyrinth of our subconscious with soaring organ sounds, repetitive acoustic guitar parts and strange, atmospheric voices. After a short break of electric « chaotic » noises, mixed with flute, the climax gradually descending into silence with a heavy bass "drone". The title track begins with a bunch of hallucinatory, cacophonic noises suggesting the coming of a floating, tranquil atmosphere played on acoustic guitar and organs. The track ends with English recitative, explaining the concept of the album. « Dream » which closes the album features a fascinating, tranquil, melancholic mix for acoustic guitar and organ + a strange, psychedelic atmosphere created by manipulated sounds and xylophone. A very attractive, « primitive » acid folk album. A masterpiece that culminates the genre - Review by philippe (Philippe Blache)

Track Listings

1. Intruitus (8:55)
2. Silence (8:53)
3. Edge Of Time (9:05)
4. Dream (9:37)

Total Time: 36:30
Bonus Tracks - CD Reissue:
Flotenmenschen 1 (6:31)
Flotenmenschen 2 (1:15)
Flotenmenschen 3 (1:17)
Flotenmenschen 4 (1:11)
Let Me Explain (6:37)

- Laszlo Baksay / bass, lyrics, vocals
- Gabor Baksay / percussion, flute, vocals
- Reiner Puzalowski / guitar, flute, vocals
- Hans Georg Stopka / organ, guitar, vocals
Releases information

LP Melocord ST D-001 (200 made)
LP Melocord ST D-001 (198?)
CD SPM/Worldwide 005 (1994)
CD Witch & Warlock 005 (1994)



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