Fruupp - The Prince of Heaven's Eyes (1974)

Fruupp’s second album (released on the now-collectible Dawn label) comes with another fantasy-influenced artwork, but this one is even more naïve than those by bassist Farrelly on the debut and third album. While fruup always remained rather pleasant, they never invented warm water and musically were completely derivative: their main influences were clearly Genesis, but the end results sound like second-league

The short Prince Of Darkness is simply too Gabriel’s Genesis-like (especially the vocal delivery), but remain one of the tracks I will retain for the highlights of the albums along with the almost 10-min two-parts Perfect Wish and its cheesy piano ala Clayderman. The rest of the tracks always failed to raise an interest or an eyebrow. Guitarist McCusker, being the main writer, has clearly songwriting limits or more likely a very limited amount of fresh ideas. Houston was also not using enough of his wind instruments capabilities to spice up the plain (dare I say bland?) songwriting.

Not really an improvement on their debut, this album remains slightly inferior to the two albums surrounding it, but let that not frighten you, it is still a worthy Fruupp album, IF you are into them. - Review by Sean Trane (Hugues Chantraine)

Track Listings

1. It's all up now (7:20)
2. Prince of darkness (3:48)
3. Jaunting car (2:23)
4. Annie Austere (5:14)
5. Knowing you (2:46)
6. Crystal brook (7:58)
7. Seaward sunset (3:08)
8. The perfect wish (9:49)
9. Prince Of Heaven (3:31)

Total Time: 45:57

- Peter Farrelly / bass, flute, vocals
- Martin Foye / drums, percussion
- Stephen Houston / keyboards, oboe, vocals
- Vincent McCusker / acoustic & electric guitars, vocals


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