Fruupp - Future Legends (1973)

Their first and undoubtly the best. Fruupp is not in the first line when the progressive rock is mention, but it is nearly exceptional. The band is similar to Genesis (only Genesis didn't sound so hard). The beginning is in the vein of orchestral intros and then it bursts. The Decision is great opening full of heavy sounds mixed with quiet passages. The highlight is the guitar. Solo is rough like in straight ahead rocker and that's what makes Fruupp unique. The rest of the album is quite similar to the opening track and the whole album sounds like the one song in several variations. If you are a fan of hard symphonic prog mixed with great hard rock guitar this album is right for you. Unfortunately the band's history is similar to Genesis and all next albums are worse and worse (and the last's the worst). - Review by Hejkal (Erik)

Track Listings

1. Future legends (1:27)
2. Decision (6:21)
3. As day breaks with dawn (4:58)
4. Graveyard epistle (6:14)
5. Lord of the Incubus (6:20)
6. Olde tyme future (5:33)
7. Song for a thought (7:25)
8. Future legends (0:47)

Total Time: 39:05
* Note: the first 100 pressings of Future Legends included "On a Clear Day"

- Peter Farrelly / bass, flute, vocals
- Martin Foye / drums, percussion
- Stephen Houston / keyboards, oboe, vocals
- Vincent McCusker / acoustic & electric guitars, vocals


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