Vienna - Progress (1989)

When Yukihiro Fujimura (typing Japanese names is like learning to skate!) left Gerard, he founded his own band and named it Vienna. After two studio-album Vienna released this live-album. The music features strong and fiery guitarplay (a lot of blistering soli), dazzling keyboards and many spectacular breaks. The band even plays a classical piece ("The planets" from Holst) but in general Vienna makes harder-edged progrock that lacks emotion and originality in the compositions altough the technical level is high. I prefer Gerard but if you like progrock with exciting heavy metal guitar, Vienna could be worth listening. - Review by erik neuteboom (erik neuteboom)

Track Listings

1. Opening
2. Gathering wave
3. Schvelle
4. Follow you
5. The Planets by Holst
6. The metamorphic time in paradise
7. Canone
8. Sleepless night

Total Time: 52:11

- Yukihiro Fujimura / vocals, guitar
- Tsushimi Nagai / bass
- Ryuichi Nishida / drums
- Shusei Tsukamoto / keyboards, vocals
Releases information

CD King/Crime 292E 2011 (1989)


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