Steve Howe - Turbulence (1991)

First Steve solo album I bought since "Beginnings" and I was certainly glad someone told him to shut-up and play his guitar. Steve doesn't need to sing, his guitar is his voice and what a voice he has here! He plays just about his entire guitar collection here on this album. Backed by a crackerjack lineup including old friend Bill Bruford, Steve covers a lot of territory from rock to classical to world music. His diversity is just amazing. Steve proves once again that he is certainly one of the great guitarists today. Enough said, 4 stars. - Review by marktheshark (Norman Bates)

Track Listings

1. Turbulence (4:57)
2. Hint Hint (3:28)
3. Running the Human Race (4:23)
4. The Inner Battle (3:32)
5. Novalis (2:25)
6. Fine Line (3:25)
7. Sensitive Chaos (4:25)
8. Corkscrew (3:56)
9. While Rome's Burning (4:25)
10. From a Place Where Time Runs Slow (3:43)

Total Time: 38:39

- Steve Howe / guitar (acoustic), bass, dobro, guitar, mandolin, percussion, guitar (electric), guitar (Steel), koto
- Bill Bruford / drums
- Billy Currie / keyboards, viola
- Nigel Glockler / drums
- Andrew Lucas / organ
Releases information

CD Atlantic 8856110612 (1991) / CD Relativity 1061 (1991)


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