Shylock - Gialorgues (1976)

Nowadays Shylock is one of the main references for bands like the fabulous Anglagard or the overrated Anekdoten: talking about the present debut album, it was regarded as a less harsh and more compact version than "Ile de Fievres" (dated 1978),their second one, but perhaps -according to the majority of the music critics in that period- it had never got the same peek of invention, which instead characterized this fact-as it was enriched with some dissonant and remarkable symphonic breaks through- "Ile de Fievres" was even more appreciated and complete than their debut album.But it never minds, the stuff inside "Gialorgues" (especially the main suite which is 13 minutes long!!), sounds like some complex and sometimes uneven music passages performed by groups in the vein of Cathedral, and it can be checked out at least!!Well honestly I often compare "Gialorgues" to"Stained Glass Stories" by Cathedral, cause of some similitudes,even though actually the US ensemble -unlike Shylock-is more Yes-oriented.It never minds, the experimental harmonic passages- performed by all these bands- are very interesting, especially by thinking also of the experimental material from Minimum Vital (another excellent band from France!!), which let my enthusiasm grow. I like pointing out that such jazz progressive genre or generally the experimental progressive bands from Europe, are able to let me forget almost the whole stuff from the US Progressive derivative bands,even though naturally my tastes can change according to my diverse mood...finally "Gialorgues" is not only for the collectors of the specific "clones" by King Crimson and - after all- it can complete your Collection of "Prog experimental stuff" in the seventies!! - Review by lor68

Track Listings

1. Le Quatrième (13:05)
2. Le Sixième (3:50)
3. Le Cinquième (18:54)
4. Pendule (3:02)
5. Sous une arche de pierre (6:26)
6. Prélude a l'éclipse (2:11)
7. La robe et le chat (1:48)
8. Pour le bal des pauvres (1:45)

Total Time 51:45

- André Fisichella / drums and percussion
- Frédéric l'Épée / guitars, bass
- Didier Lustig / keyboards
Releases information

Lp-Musea-FGBG 2026.AR-Fra-1989 / CD-Musea-FGBG 4105.AR-Fra-1994


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