Quill - Sursum Corda (1977)

In the early Nineties several USA progrock labels released CD’s on a LP size so you could experience the technical progress of the CD sound and the pleasure of the size of a record. To me this was a fine but expensive initiative, especially because post from the USA tot Holland is expensive. This CD “Sursum corda” (the LP is from 1977) made by USA progrock band Quill was one of those releases, recently it has been re-released on the normal CD size. If you like the vintage keyboard sound, this trio is heaven on earth! The CD contains two movements (19 and 15 minutes) featuring warm and melodic symphonic rock. The parts sound flowing and alternating, from mellow to bombastic eruptions and from compelling to up-tempo. The music is very tasteful: powerful Hammond runs, fat Moog flights, majestic Steinway grand piano (with echoes from Gandalf), beautiful Mellotron waves and a soaring string-ensemble. The vocals have a bit melancholical undertone and fits perfect to the atmosphere on this CD. Every fan of Le Orme, Triumvirat, Hecenia or Rare Bird should give this wonderful album a chance. RECOMMENDED! - Review by erik neuteboom (erik neuteboom)

Track Listings

I. First movement: (19:58)
a) Floating
b) Interlude
c) The march of dreams
d) The march of kings
e) Storming the mountain
f) Princess of the mountain
g) Storming the mountain (part II) ~ Lift up your heart
II. Second movement: (15:32)
a) The call
b) Timedrift
c) Earthsplit
d) The black wizard
e) Counterspell
f) The white wizard
g) The hunt
h) Rising
i) The spell
j) Sumnation
k) Finale

Total Time: 35:30

- Keith Christian / vocals, Rickenbacker 4001 bass, nylon string guitar
- Ken DeLoria / Hammond B2 organ, Moog synths, Mellotron, Baldwin electric harpsichord, Steinert grand piano-forte, Arp string ensemble, RMI Keyboard Computer.
- Jim sides / vocals, drums, orchestral & tubular bells, tympani
Releases information

LP Cotillion SD 9017 (Issued as a pre-release only) / CD Syn-Phonic SYNCD 10 (1993)


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