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The first Pink Floyd album is more psychedelic than progressive, though british psychedelia was always close to progressive rock and probably it was the british psychedelia that opened the path to the progressive rock, because most of the progressive rock early bands were psychedelic oriented (The Moody Blues, Procol Harum, Deep Purple, Yes, Genesis, King Crimson and etc all had psychedelic influences in their early albums). The album is dominated by Syd Barrett´s compositions. Unfortunately he had problems with the band so early. It would be interesting if Pink Floyd could continue with him more time.

The first song is astronomy domine, with good guitar riff, soloing, drums, organ and electronics. There´s a great instrumental interlude between the main verse, sung double-voice.

The next song is Lucifer Sam, has a great bass and drums riff, with some organ and guitar effects, then a great guitar riff, some good soloing by Barrett. The lyrics, completely non-sense.

The next is Matilda Mother, has great keyboard and bass intro, the comes a good guitar riff and good singing by Wright and then the drums. The second verse is sung by Barrett, then the first verse again, but with other lyrics. There´s a good organ solo in the middle by Wright and then the third verse, with strong singing and guitar, the chorus again and a drum and organ riff till the end. Great song.

The fourth song is Flaming, starting with weird noises, then organ, happy (though always melancholic) singing by Barrett, then good acoustic guitar, drumming, lots of strange percussion, good keyboard and guitar work in the instrumental section.

Then, Pow R. Toc H., starting with weird noises and singing, then turning into a instrumental tune with a jazzy piano and drumming for some time, then some strong drums, weird guitar and percussion noises, the weird Pow R. Toc H. singing, then some weird keyboards to join the guitar and the percussion, and an interesting guitar and keyboard riff in the end.

The next is the only Waters composition in the album, Take Thy Sthetoscope and Walk. There´s one verse (not much inspired), then some soloing in the middle, solos of every instrument (piano, guitar, bass, organ, weird noises) completely at will, what means totally unorganized. Then some singing again and the song ends.

The next is the 10-minute instrumental Interstellar Overdrive, with a powerful guitar riff in the start, along with good drumming. Then comes the organ and some free bass lines. Some strange guitar solos and then a little bit weird things (of course). Literally guitar noises and organ chords follow these weird things, then the drum joins the guitar noises. Then comes some bass lines, lead organ notes and guitar sound effects. More noises, organ, guitar and bass, along with some percussion and drumming and then a normal guitar riff before the main riff again, this time running from one to the another speaker and a guitar solo and organ fading out

Then starts The Gnome, a childish song, with good percussion and guitar riff. The Barrett´s singing is very like child songs. The chorus has a great organ solo, sounds a little magical. The lyrics are nonsense. Surely a creation of Barrett´s psychedelic mind.

The next song, Chapter 24, in contrast, is very sad. The organ tone and the bass create a very sad mood to the song. Barrett´s singing is sad as well. The song is great, there are some great percussion, great bells in the chorus in the ascending verses and organ notes in descending verses. Then a organ solo with guitar noises. The first verse again. The organ riff is very beautiful through the whole song and the tone is very, very sad. In the end, the last word sung many times, like chorus with delay. Great song.

The Scarecrow is the next song. Though it has the same organ tone than the last, there´s some strange percussion, good guitar riff and not so sad singing by Barrett. there´s some of the magical innocent Barrett´s world. Then a good guitar and organ solo till the end of this short song.

The last one is a classic of weirdness, Bike. The singing is very funny, some guitar and organ riff during the verses and some electronic and drums (very loud) at the end. There´s some percussion and piano notes in the middle. The lyrics are funny as well. After the sung part, comes some weird sounds, most percussion, some keyboard too and then the end that is really, really strange sounds in the end.

Well, that´s the great masterpiece of psychedelia. Barrett was without a doubt a genius doing these kind of music and the album is very, very good. - Review by akin (Fernando Raffani)

Track Listings

UK Version
1. Astronomy Domine (4:12)
2. Lucifer Sam (3:07)
3. Matilda Mother (3:08)
4. Flaming (2:46)
5. Pow R. Toc H. (4:26)
6. Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk (3:05)
7. Interstellar Overdrive (9:41)
8. The Gnome (2:13)
9. Chapter 24 (3:42)
10. Scarecrow (2:11)
11. Bike (3:21)

Total Time: 41:52

US Version
Album title "Pink Floyd"
Side One:
1. See Emily Play (2:53)
2. Pow.R Toc.H (4:26)
3. Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk (3:05)
4. Lucifer Sam (3:07)
5. Matilda Mother (3:08)

Side Two:
6. The Scarecrow (2:11)
7. The Gnome (2:13)
8. Chapter 24 (3:42)
9. Intersteller Overdrive (9:41)

Total Time: 33:06

2007 Remaster version (2CD and 3CD):
CD1: Stereo

1. Astronomy Domine (4:16)
2. Lucifer Sam (3:09)
3. Matilda Mother (3:05)
4. Flaming (2:45)
5. Pow R Toc H (4:25)
6. Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk (3:07)
7. Interstellar Overdrive (9:43)
8. The Gnome (2:14)
9. Chapter 24 (3:53)
10. Scarecrow (2:11)
11. Bike (3:27)

CD2: Mono
1. Astronomy Domine (4:12)
2. Lucifer Sam (3:07)
3. Matilda Mother (3:08)
4. Flaming (2:46)
5. Pow R Toc H (4:26)
6. Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk (3:06)
7. Interstellar Overdrive (9:40)
8. The Gnome (2:13)
9. Chapter 24 (3:42)
10. Scarecrow (2:11)
11. Bike (3.24)

2007 Remaster version (3CD):
CD3: Singles
1. Arnold Layne (2:55)
2. Candy And A Currant Bun (2:45)
3. See Emily Play (2:54)
4. Apples And Oranges (3:05)
5. Paintbox (3:45)
6. Interstellar Overdrive (Take 2) (French Edit) (5:15)
7. Apples And Oranges (Stereo Version) (3:11)
8. Matilda Mother (Alternative Version) (3:09)
9. Interstellar Overdrive (Take 6) (5:03)

- Syd Barrett / guitar, vocals
- Nick Mason / drums
- Roger Waters / bass, vocals
- Richard Wright / organ, piano
Releases information

LP UK Columbia SX6157 (mono) (1967)

LP US Tower ST 5093 (1967)
The US version of Piper at the Gates of Dawn in the US was simply called PINK FLOYD, many track listings have been re arranged plus a few tracks have been omitted on this version, however unlike it's UK and rest of the world realease this version featured "See Emily Play" (not on the UK version of the album) as an additional track.

CD Capitol/EMI Records 46384 (1990)

3CD EMI B000T05R8Q (2007)
2CD EMI B000T05R90 (2007)

The 2007 releases are remasters of the original mono and stereo releases. The 3CD edition comes in a cloth cover, with the 3rd CD containing all Syd Barrett-era singles and their B-sides.

Download part 1 - pass: xxxrockrula.blogspot.com
Download part 2 - pass: xxxrockrula.blogspot.com
Download part 3 - pass: xxxrockrula.blogspot.com
Download part 4 - pass: xxxrockrula.blogspot.com

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