Unremittingly dense and inventive, "Abbiamo Tutti I Suoi Problemi" transcends the canterbury scene (and originates hundreds of miles away from its borders) by dismissing the trademark matter-of-fact singing style and introducing elements of the avant-garde. Each long composition is characterised by a tight mesh of reed instruments - the more traditional rock gear is sidelined and serve only as accompaniment and vocals are usually restricted to narration, but it shouldn't be a huge obstacle even if you're not familiar with the language. This isn't an album that's at home to virtuoso play but more of an ensemble piece where the composition's the thing.

Although there are no weak points here, or even any sections where the musicians fall into an uninspired light jazz sequence, this reviewer's favourite track is "I Problemi di Ferdinando P." which quite honestly sounds like a thousand saxophones arguing about which sad yet urbane chord to play next.

National Health may be a suitable but approximate reference point; Fans of Frank Zappa's instrumental work would be at home here, along with those who appreciate the more experimental side of Robert Wyatt or Hugh Hopper, but that's a little exclusivist - anyone who enjoys inventive music and the sound of the saxophone should pick this up as soon as possible. - Review by laplace (Hyphen Abuse)

Track Listings

1. La Sgargianza parte 1 (0:49)
2. I Problemi Di Ferdinando P. (7:22)
3. La Sgargianza parte 2 (0:51)
4. Moderno Ballabile (9:50)
5. La Sgargianza parte 3 e 4 (1:33)
6. Strativari (5:49)
7. Mettiamo Il Caso (15:46)
8. Uccellin Del Bosco (3:15)

Total Time: 45:05

- Andrea Beccari / bass, recorder, percussion, voice
- Aldo De Scalzi / keyboards, saxophone, guitar, voice
- Paolo Griguolo / guitar, recorder
- Aldo Di Marco / drums, vibraphone, organ
- Roberto Bologna / sound technic
- Roberto Romani / saxophone, flute, clarinet
Releases information

KICP 2841
Label: L'Orchestra OLPS 55013
Comes with Bonus single on some sort of one sided "floppy" vinyl (very thin) entitled: Uccellin Del Bosco which also appear on RR record sampler RR records 8 & 9


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