Orange Peel - Orange Peel (1970)

Orange Peel was one of the first Krautrock albums, standing at the edge between late 60s' psychedelia with saturated guitars, raw vocals and long organ solos, and space rock pieces in the style of the first albums by Amon Düül II, ELoy, Faust and Grobschnitt. The music played here was quite innovative for its time and could be described as "heavy organ psychedelic rock". The record contains two long epic tracks and two shorter songs, more blues-rock oriented.

The overture track, You Can't Change Them All, starts with a smooth beautiful sounding very symphonic to increase progressively on intensity and psychedelism. The song contains just a few minutes of vocals at the beginning and at the end, but the rest is instrumental. It goes faster and faster with powerful guitar and organ solos alternating accompanied by bongos. Some parts remind me a little of Santana's III. The tune has many changes and is very experimental by moments. Mindblowing ! The longest and best track of the album ! The next tracks, Faces That I Used To Know and Tobacco Road are less spacey but however pretty enjoyable with sometimes a Jimi Hendrix's feel. The disc ends with We Still Try to Change, the other masterpiece of Orange Peel. With its implacable bass introduction and its powerful ogan riff, you are immediately transported to another planet. As for the first long piece, the tune features mainly instrumental passages very spacey and experimental. Such moments announces future Krautrock sounds.

Formed during a transitionnal period, the short-lived band Orange Peel released an astonishing unique album, in par with great german progressive acts of their time. Highly recommended to krautrock and early space rock fans ! - Review by Modrigue (Nico)

Track Listings

1. You Can't Change Them All (18:15)
2. Faces That I Used To Know (3:12)
3. Tobacco Road (7:16)
4. We Still Try To Change (10:04)

Total Time: 38:47


- Curt Cress / drums, percussion
- Peter Bischof / percussion, vocals
- Leslie Link / guitar
- Heinrich Mohn / bass
- Ralph Wiltheiß / organ

Releases information

LP Bellaphon BLPS 19036 (1970 Germany)
LP Bacillus Records (1972 Germany)
LP Citystudio Media Production CMP 601-1 (2003 Germany)
CD Citystudio Media Production CMP 601-2 (2003 Germany)


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