Whereas "Intrespezione" opened in a stark and challenging way, "Lord Cromwell..." chooses to unfold in a serenely, stately manner with a neo-classical arrangement for piano, flute and... well, timpani. This should send up a warning flag but happily the song morphs into rock and cycles through several different textures before its melodic and pleasing conclusion in a fairly EL&P or Le Orme-like way. No "sophomore album" problem for Opus Avantra, then.

This one appears to be a concept album as the song titles gel with that of the record. I'm not versed in italian so I can't tell you how lyrically deep this delves but I can confirm that each of the tracks synonymous with one of the sins sounds rather like its sinner, ie, "Avarice" sounds like the soundtrack for the life of a mercenary man with a great desire for power and "Envy" is a challenging, staggering piece that cleverly expresses inner bitterness and rage.

This one is twice as rocky as their previous endeavour and a better starting point for the more orthodox prog-heads among us. - Review by laplace (Hyphen Abuse)

Track Listings

1. Flowers on Pride (5:29)
2. Avarice (5:26)
3. Lust (3:53)
4. My Vice (1:59)
5. Ira (7:52)
6. Gluttony (3:05)
7. Envy (5:44)
8. Sloth (4:32)
9. Allemanda (3:03)

Total Time: 41:03

- Alfredo Tisotto / Steinway and Fender piano, Hammond, synthesizer and Pipe organ
- Luciano Travella / flute
- Renato Zanella / Fender guitar
- Enrico Professione / violin
- Pieregidio Spiller / violin
- Riccardo Perraro / cello
- Paulo Siani / percussion, drums
- Gina Bianco, Susan Worshap, Cindy Brasher, Carl Adams / vocals
- American Chorus Setaf
Releases information

Suono (SRLP 1002)


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