Nirvana - Local Anaesthetic (1971)

For me this is the most interesting album of the four first releases by this nice little band, but I still don't see it as a really essential record. When this one is compared to the carefully constructed pop songs from their late 60's releases, "Local Anaesthetic" has much more improvisational playing in it, and there are more jazz elements to be heard here. Keyboards are mainly represented by a piano, which makes the music's tone quite pleasant to my ears. TONY DUHIG's presence can be heard in some passages which therefore sound very much like JADE WARRIOR, these elements being some African sounding drumming and wind sections. The first song (or collection of songs) is musically more compact, as the music flows continuously onward. The second side is thematically more united, but the tracks have clear pauses between them so I'm not sure it's right to claim it being a one compact song. Also I don't understand the meaning of few seconds of piano playing, where the whole album ends. There was also a one single being cut from this side, which's theme is focused in serious homesickness. Musically the album isn't still very tight or unique, though it's a fun record to listen through from time to time. I would recommend it for the serious fans of JADE WARRIOR and for those who are returning home from a long journey. - Review by Eetu Pellonpää

Track Listings

1. Modus Operandi (16:09)
2. Home (19:10)
a) Salutation
b) Construction
c) Deconstruction
d) Reconstruction
e) Fanfare

... Not specified in 1990 released (that reprint in CD format the LP cover and artwork) but for the info in my possess:

- Patrick Campbell-Lyons

with the help of:
- Mel Collins
- Tony Duhig
- Jon Field
and others
Releases information

LP: 1971 Vertigo (6360 031)
CD: 1990 Repertoire Records (RR 4109-WP)


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