The Muffins - <185> (1980)

One of the most schizophrenic releases that I've heard! I've listening the CD reissue containing two different versions of the album. In late 1980, the Muffins were approached by Fred Frith with an offer to produce and guest on an album of material that he had heard the Muffins play. According to the offcial Muffins web page this albums contains ten tracks of Frith and Muffins composed and improvised material, and you can feel the power and energy of this reunion in every song, including the remixed pieces even when this last ones are not so good as the originals.

Muffins explores different textures and sounds with a great work on wind instruments (specially on Angle Dance) and a superb work of Mr. Frith on guitar. Totally avant garde and sometimes even close to zeuhl every song is provocative and dynamic, full of constant changes and an exquisite sense of timing. Some other highlights: Zoom Resume, Under Dali's Wing and my favourite, These Castle Children.

Definitively is not so good as Manna / Mirage but the album sounds great, outrageous and raw, complex and at the same time full of improvisations... Highly recommended to any RIO fan!! - Review by progadicto (Ivan Avila)

Track Listings

1. Angle Dance (4:11)
2. Antidote to Dry-Dock (4:58)
3. Zoom Resume (7:16)
4. Horsebones (2:25)
5. Subduction (0:59)
6. Dream Beat (3:34)
7. Under Dali's Wing (3:10)
8. These Castle Children (7:36)
9. Queenside (5:37)
10. Street Dogs (1:20)
11. Angle Dance [Remix] (4:11)
12. Antidote to Drydock [Remix] (4:52)
13. Zoom Resume [Remix] (7:15)
14. Horsebones [Remix] (2:28)
15. Under Dali's Wing [Remix] (3:07)
16. Queenside [Remix] (5:37)
17. These Castle Children [Remix] (7:10)

Total Time: 75:12

- Tom Scott / clarinet, flute, clarinet (bass), sax (Alto), sax (Soprano), clarinet (Alto), Reeds (multiple)
- Billy Swan / bass, guitar, sax (Soprano), sax (Tenor), sound effects, vocals
- Fred Frith / guitar, piano, violin, producer, harmony vocals, prepared piano
- Dave Golub / clarinet, sounds, shouts
- Dave Newhouse / organ, clarinet, piano, Soprano, clarinet (bass), keyboards, sax (Alto), sax (Baritone), sax (Soprano), Reeds (multiple), Remixing
- Paul Sears / percussion, drums, saxophone, vocals, liner notes, remixing, vocal effect
- Billy Swann / bass, guitar, sax (Tenor), sound effects, vocals, soloist
Releases information

Cuneiform 55013

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