I love all MB albums from Days to Seventh Sojourn, but perhaps this one is the easiest to give 5*. Full of ideas, extremely rich soundscape, great songs (with the exception of 'Best Way to Travel' which is one of the worst Pinder songs) and the 'wholeness' - in that sense it can be compared to Sgt Pepper, and The Moodies at that time honoured as one of the most important bands to explore rock's new artful territories. This album has the happiest feel of all the seven, a certain kind of happiness that comes from riding on the crest of creativity, of finding group's own identity. They really needed no help of an orchestra anymore. Producer Tony Clarke called them "the smallest symphony orchestra of the world". Justin Hayward's 'Actor' is one of my favourite MB songs. Ray Thomas's 'Legend of Mind' ("Timothy Leary's dead? No nonono, he's outside, looking in...") is a highlight too. 'Om' is a perfect ending with its Eastern mysticism. As individual songs there are some lesser things, but as a whole: A Definitive Art Rock Masterpiece of its time. - Review by Matti (Matti P.)

Track Listings

1. Departure (0:44)
2. Ride my see-saw (3:38)
3. Dr. Livingstone, I presume? (2:58)
4. House of four doors (4:12)
5. Legend of a mind (6:36)
6. House of four doors, pt.2 (1:47)
7. Voices in the sky (3:25)
8. The best way to travel (3:14)
9. Visions of paradise (4:15)
10. The actor (4:39)
11. The word (0:48)
12. Om (5:44)

Total Time: 42:03

- Graeme Edge / drums
- Justin Hayward / guitars, vocals
- John Lodge / bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
- Michael Pinder / keyboards, vocals, mellotron
- Ray Thomas / flute, vocals

Additional instrumentation: The Moody Blues
Releases information

Deram DES-18017 ('86), Polydor (Remastered '97)


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