This is my favorite Italian progressive rock album. 1977's "Forse Le Lucciole Non Si Amano Piu" is a beautiful masterpiece that few other albums can match. LOCANDA DELLE FATE were a 7-piece band consisting of two keyboardists, two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, and a singer. Unfortunately, they began their careers as a band just as prog was starting to die in Italy. After the album was released, the band found little to no demand for live performances and little interest for their music. So after a short tour, and a couple of failed singles, they quit. The music here is colorful in a symphonic way, and emphasizes intensely melodic interaction from the various instruments. What really impresses me about this recording is the attention that went into detail. I'm still discovering new melodies, countermelodies, and harmonies every time the CD gets played. Themes are stated, developed, go through variations, and resolved in such a majestic manner that it's tough to compare LDF to other bands. Leonardo Sasso, the singer, reminds me a bit of Ian ANDERSON. His voice is warm, and at times close to operatic. Overall, music doesn't get much better than this! - Review by Steve Hegede (Steve Hegede)

Track Listings

1. A volte un istante di quiete (6:31)
2. Forse le lucciole non si amano più (9:48)
3. Profumo di colla Bianca (8:25)
4. Cercando un nuovo confine (6:41)
5. Sogno di Estunno (4:41)
6. Non chiudere a chiave le stelle (3:34)
7. Vendesi saggezza (9:37)
8. New York (4:35)

Total Time: 53:52

- Giorgio Gardino / drums, vibraphone
- Luciano Boero / bass, Hammond
- Ezio Vevy / 12-string, acoustic & electric guitars, voice, flute
- Alberto Gaviglio / acoustic, electric, 12-string electric guitars, voice
- Michele Conta / pianos, Moog, clavinet, synths
- Oscar Mazzoglio / Hammond, piano, Moog, synths
- Leonardo Sasso / voice
Releases information

CD Polydor 523 688-2 Remastered in 1994 with one bonus track ("New York")


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