Lightshine - Feeling (1973)

Germany one piece miracle Lightshine released this pearl of kroutrock music in 1973 (or 1976 according to many other sites, I really can’t tell because I got some shabby old cover). From the very start listener get to know what he can get from this one, much of heavy riff – psychedelic rock and krautrock in best colors. Voices of singers, not just one but all tree of them (Ulli, Wolfgang, Joe) are pretty insane and can’t tell which one is screaming, which one is singing and which just talking. First song called “Sword in the Sky” began with some good drum and synth space sounds and then somebody began to scream on you and when you think what is this… you are hit with a worm sound of synth and flute , pretty cool. Second one ”Lory” is song with catchy guitar and piano melodies. "Nightmare" is obscure dreamy kind a song with some good lyrics (more narrative than sung ), and bunch of noises that coming to your ear and than slowly going back to silence ( just to came back later again). "King and Queen" is long peace with crazy lyrics (“O lord please save the queen, the king is here came to kill the queen…lord ,o lord you make me cry… I was so lucky…( than screaming and raging voice submits insanity)) . Last one is "Feeling" , this is one relaxing song with worm vocals and spacey sounds in the beginning , but don’t relax to much because in the end you going to be attacked (again ) with some screaming sounds of dying women. All songs on this album contain sudden change of mood , and that is what is making him so great . - Review by Komodo dragon (branko)

Track Listings

1. Sword in the Sky (4:50)
2. Lory (5:31)
3. Nightmare (10:33)
4. King and Queen (13:44)
5. Feeling (7:37)

Total Time: 42:15

- Joe / guitar, vocals
- Ulli / guitar, flute, vocals
- Olli / synthesizer
- Wolfgang / bass
- Egon / drums
Releases information

LP Garden Of Delights (1973)
CD Trefiton 1049; Re-issued by Penner (1994)


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