Jon Lord - Gemini Suite (1970)

This debut solo album by Deep Purple’s keyboard player, Jon Lord, made a big surprise to the rock music fan because Jon offered something totally different with Deep Purple’s music undertaking. Look at the music style which was totally different with most of any Deep Purple releases – except for “Concerto for Group and Orchestra”. As we all know that musicians require some breaks from regularity playing certain kind of music to another style which usually in the forms of “project”. There are many musicians doing that, like GTR, ASIA, Liquid Tension Experiment, Transatlantic, Platypus. In the case of Jon lord he made his own undertakings through exploration of classical music. The music on this album was originally written as a commission for the BBC and first performed at The Festival Hall with Deep Purple and the Orchestra of The Light Music Society in 1970.

As you may have guessed from the track title, it’s very obvious that this album is an exploration of each soloist (guitar, piano, drums, vocals, bass-guitar, and organ) augmented with orchestra. It depends on how you perceive the orchestra music but for me personally, this is an enjoyable album by Jon Lord. I almost like all tracks feature excellent orchestra. What makes me interested is the “Piano” where bass guitar plays significant role.

Overall, this is a good album which indicates Jon’s capability to create music score with good composition.

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW - Review by Gatot (Gatot Widayanto) Track Listings

1. Guitar (9:00)
2. Piano (8:07)
3. Drums (7:22)
4. Vocals (5:51)
5. Bass-Guitar (5:04)
6. Organ (12:00)

Total Time: 47:24

- Jon Lord / piano, organ
- Albert Lee / guitars
- Ian Paice / drums
- Tony Ashton
- Yvonne Elliman
- Roger Glover / bass
- The London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Malcolm Arnold
Releases information

Purple / Line Records

A live version of this album recorded with the full Deep Purple line up also exists. The Deep Purple version was actually recorded earlier, but the studio version was released first.


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