Jade Warrior - Last Autumn's Dream (1972)

I really like this album and it's varied styles and moods. My copy (Line Records) sounds good, really good. This is one adventurous disc. There's some 'Hard Folk', 'Hard Rock', beautiful acoustic gutiar and flute work, experimental sounding tracks, with 'african' bongos, and pounding tribal drumming, and some bluesy, jazzy, and even a few 'asian' sounding moments. The electric gutair work is really varied all over the place. As far as it being GRUNGE? Well this was recorded in '74, hmmmm. Sometimes I'm reminded of early KING CRIMSON, SANTANA, LED ZEPPLIN, early ENO, and almost everything else. I don't know how you get more 'progressive' than this? I guess if 'progressive' means only 70's YES and GENESIS? Well I suppose it's not. If you mean quality music, interesting music, well played, extaordinary, experimental, noncommercial, well, this is as progressive as it gets my friend. This is a very cool disc, a great addition to my collection. The vocals are solid, the melodies and rhythms are great, not a dull moment on this. - Review by perrymadison

Track Listings

1. A Winter's tale (5:11)
2. Snake (3:02)
3. Dark river (6:33)
4. Joanne (2:53)
5. Obediance (3:19)
6. Morning hymn (3:36)
7. May queen (5:22)
8. The demon trucker (2:34)
9. Lady of the lake (3:17)
10. Borne on to the solar wind (3:02)

Total Time: 37:51

- Tony Duhig / electric guitar
- Jon Field / alto & concert flutes, congas, percussion
- Glyn Havard / vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
- Allan Price / drums
- David Duhig / lead guitar (1), guitar (8)


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