Iceberg - Tutankhamon (1975)

With its great artwork sleeve (note the birds on the right of the iceberg or the one lifting it), Iceberg’s debut announces the colour of its greatness and even if the following albums will differ greatly in style, the quality will remains constant until the end and a very stable line-up with only lead vocalist Angel Riba leaving and not being replaced after this album. I am generally wary of concept albums based on a historical background - Triumvirat’s Spartacus or Suspersiter’s Iskandar for example. Somehow the sound is in between early King Crimson, Yes and Mahavishnu Orchestra will typical Latin touches.

I must say that Iceberg’s Tutankhamon avoid some clichés, although their switching from Spanish to English lyrics is a bit unsettling but not bothersome, that most of these fallacious historical pretences force upon – the narrations or lenghty texts linking the songs, their obligatory visions of Antiquity’s music etc… All is not excellent either with a rather lenghty drum solo in La Muerte - I wonder how that fitted with their concept except being bored to death, and one of the cheesiest track recorded in Spain (Close To God – reminding you some of Santana’s worst distractions in the late 70’s). Guitarist “Max” Sunyer (ex-Tapîman) really shows his class (reminding you of Akkerman, Mc Laughlin and the great Carlos) and dominates the album although across him is a superb «Kitflus» Mas.

One of the first albums I would recommend if you are new to Spanish prog and are into symphonic prog. And even if not your first foray in Hispanic musical heaven, this is still highly recommended. - Review by Sean Trane (Hugues Chantraine)

Track Listings

1. Tebas (1:16)
2. Prologo (3:08)
3. Sacerdotes de Amon (2:53)
4. Amarna (2:56)
5. Lying on the sand (5:27)
6. Amenofis IV (3:05)
7. Himno al sol (4:35)
8. La muerte (4:19)
9. Close to God (4:08)
10. Too young to be a Pharaoh (3:35)
11. Tebas (reprise) (1:49)

Total Time: 37:11

- Jordi Colomer / drums, percussion
- José "Kitflus" Mas / keyboards, synthesizers, Mellotron
- Angel Riba / vocals, saxophone
- Primitivo Sancho / bass
- Joaquín "Max" Suñe / electric guitar
Releases information

Lp. Bocaccio Records BS 32.105 / Cd. BMG 506.00151


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