Two or three years ago if somebody handed me something called "radio gnome invisible part one: flying teapot" and told me to listen to it, i would have told them to p*** off. But now that my musical tastes are expanding so much i am willing to listen to everything! i've wanted to hear gong for quite some time now and finally was able to listen to flying teapot.

Now i find myself playing this album over and over again. The first time i listened to flying teapot i couldn't believe it, i had to listen it again right away! not because there were moments in the music i thought were the best i had ever heard, but because it was so unusual, so different to anything i had ever heard, so wierd! The lyrics and the vocals and overall mood of the album blew me away,it drew me in pretty quickly and i began to find more and more about the album that i really loved.

The album is full of wonderful fiction and funny little characters (the pot head pixies of course) that really did spark with my imagination (even if i don't take drugs). But after i had got over the shock of hearing all this, the music started to show. The sax really gave that jazzy lingering feel over those wonferful slow moving bass lines and that excellent guitar work from steve hillage. There is wonderful music on this record, excellent synths, wonderful guitar riffs and great (yes, sometimes very catchy) melodies, to me it all sounds wonderful, It spacy atmosphere is charming and easy to get lost in.

Overall, this is a very accomplished work. It sounds to me what pink floyd would have developed into had syd not gone mad, and a dose of soft machine of course. It sounds like it could have been released in 1967 but at the same time the music just seems more mature. It's fun to listen to it late at night.Some people may scoff that i awarded this record five stars, but i feel the album is a world in itself, charming, original and a great cover! there is not many like it. I for one, love to fly around in the flying teapot. Highly recommended. - Review by Winter Wine (Thomas Mardy)

Track Listings

1. Radio Gnome Invisible
2. Flying Teapot
3. The Pot Head Pixies
4. The Octave Doctors And The Crystal Machine
5. Zero The Hero And The Witch's Spell
6. Witch's Song/I Am Your Pussy

- Daevid Allen / guitar, vocals
- Francis Bacon / VCS3 synth, electric & upright pianos, bass
- Tim Blake / VCS3 synth, crystal machine, vocals
- Steve Hillage / guitars
- Rachid Houari / drumbox
- Didier Malherbe / soprano & tenor saxes, flute
- Gilli Smyth / orgone box, vocals, space whispers
- Christian Titsch / slide guitar
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Charly / Snapper

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