Let me start by saying that this album is definitely a "desert island selection" -- if I were limited to ten (progressive) discs, THE LAMB LIES DOWN ON BROADWAY would have to be one to load into the dugout canoe. (I might even jettison Wilson to make room!)

I originally bought this album in the year of its release, in New York City(so many yellow cabs to be seen from atop the Empire State Building!), as a teen on holiday with my family. When I got home to my stereo and could finally listen to it (no CDs or Walkmans in those days kids, just the old 33 & 1/3 coal-fired, wind-up "hi-fi" stereo, purchased with the earnings from my first summer job), I was delighted to find that it was (initially) set in: NYC! Thus, this recording will always have a special resonance for your humble reviewer....

Anyway, navel gazing aside, THE LAMB is an acknowledged prog masterwork. Largely a Peter Gabriel concept, it was also his swansong with Genesis -- and what a high note to culminate that stage of his career on! This one has an edge and "street" sensibility that was lacking in previous releases, and that would never so forcefully appear again in the band's history. Just listen to the (opening) title track -- it helps if you pretend it's '75, you're still virginally innocent, and this type of music is evolving before your grateful ears -- and tell me if that's not superlative, ground-breaking prog! Other faves include the infectious "In the Cage," the ultra-powerful "Back in NYC," and the beautiful (if lyrically somewhat bizarre -- but then, so is the entire album) "The Carpet Crawlers," which has to be one of the all-time classic progressive rock songs. Listen to this album in its entirety, though, because it's all great, the songs run together, and waiting for "The Colony of the Slippermen" (near the close) is well worth it!

I listened to this album this morning, and then again (louder, on my bigger stereo) tonight. Damn, but this is very, very good prog! Gabriel's vocals are so passionate -- he positively screams some lines! What I wouldn't give to jump in a time machine and see the original tour.... Oh well, CRANK IT! - Review by Peter (Peter Rideout)

Track Listings

Disc 1 time: 45:34
1. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (4:50)
2. Fly on a Windshield (4:23)
3. Broadway Melody of 1974 (0:33)
4. Cuckoo Cocoon (2:11)
5. In the Cage (8:15)
6. The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging (2:45)
7. Back in N.Y.C. (5:42)
8. Hairless Heart (2:13)
9. Counting Out Time (3:42)
10. The Carpet Crawlers (5:15)
11. The Chamber of 32 Doors (5:40)

Disc 2 time: 48:49
1. Lillywhite Lilith (2:42)
2. The Waiting Room (5:24)
3. Anyway (3:07)
4. The Supernatural Anaesthetist (2:59)
5. The Lamia (6:57)
6. Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats (3:07)
7. Colony of Slippermen (8:13)
a) The Arrival
b) A Visit to the Doktor
c) Raven
8. Ravine (2:04)
9. The Light Dies Down on Broadway (3:32)
10. Riding the Scree (3:57)
11. In the Rapids (2:26)
12. It. (4:15)

Total Time 94:23

- Tony Banks / keyboards
- Phil Collins / drums, percussion, backing vocals
- Peter Gabriel / lead vocals, flute
- Steve Hackett / electric guitar, nylon guitar
- Mike Rutherford / bass guitar, 12-string guitar
Releases information

LP Charisma CGS101 UK (1974)
re-release 1994 remastered addition
CD ATCO 82677 (1994)
CD Virgin Records 8 39774 2 (1994) -
- remastered at The Farm and Abbey Road by N.Davis, G.Callingham and C.Blair


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The cover shown is the 1985 EU CD release, which I have. I think Virgin edited the covers back then to save money. Who knows? CDs were more expensive back then and didn't sell as well until the next decade. Now we have this!

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