I love this live-album! "Does Humor Belong in Music?" was recorded at several different places in the US in 1984, and was released in 1986. The VHS version with the same name is completely different though. The sound quality on the remaster is great, giving you the live "sound" necessary to make this release even better than it already is. Musicianship is incredibly tight and solid throughout, as with most of Zappa's 80's live stuff.

You can hear many elements of Jazz-Rock/Fusion on the outro's of many of the tracks and the guitar solo's are top-notch stuff as always. There are some old "classics here too, like "Penguin In Bondage" from the fantastic "Roxy & Elsewhere" album released in 1974. It sound equally as great here. The excellent and atmospheric version of "Zoot Allures" is also worth mentioning. It sounds ten times better here than on the original studio version from 1976. There are also many tracks that is typical 80's Zappa songs that might not appeal to all 60's-70's Zappa fans, but are a must for 80's Zappa fans! I love both era's so it doesn't matter to me.

Overall, A very underrated live-album if you ask me! Great performances, excellent solo's, very fun and interesting to listen too. A must if you are a Zappa fan! I'll rate it 4.5/5 Highly recommended, especially to 80's Zappa fans! - Review by Bj-1 (Bjørnar Lunde)

Track Listings

1. Zoot Allures (5:26)
2. Tinsel-Town Rebellion (4:43)
3. Trouble Everyday (5:31)
4. Penguin In Bondage (6:44)
5. Hot-Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel (6:42)
6. What's New In Baltimore? (4:47)
7. Cock-Suckers' Ball (1:05)
8. WPLJ (1:30)
9. Let's Move To Cleveland (16:43)
10. Whippin' Post (8:23)

Total Time: 61:34

- Frank Zappa / guitar, lead vocals
- Ray White / rhythm guitar, vocals
- Ike Willis / rhythm guitar, vocals
- Bobby Martin / keyboards, saxophone, vocals
- Alan Zavod / keyboards
- Scott Thunes / bass
- Chad Wackerman / drums
Releases information

Rykodisc #RCD10548


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