'For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night' saw Caravan go back to the drawing board after the tepid response to the slightly disappointing 'Waterloo Lily'; some serious line-up reshuffles were around the corner. Dave Sinclair returned to the fold to replace Steve Miller, but Richard Sinclair was in turn replaced by John G.Perry. This album also marked the first appearance on record of viola player Geoffrey Richardson who remains very popular with the fans. This meant that the sound of the band had changed again; the band sound more confident than ever before. The album's success is ultimately proved by the amount of songs here that remain true fan favourites to this day. It is rightly regarded as one of their very best efforts.

The English whimsy of earlier albums has generally been played down, but is still present to a certain extent. The most obvious example of this is on the classic track 'The Dog The Dog He's At It Again', which has some risque but fun lyrics that fit in line with the album title but also the band's earlier songs 'Waterloo Lily' and 'Golf Girl'. This being Caravan, the track has a killer melody that will stick with you for a long time after the track has finished. Another notable thing about this track is that Dave Sinclair has added synthesisers to his artillery; Caravan were seemingly one of the last of the old-wave prog acts to use synthesisers, and it's great to hear Sinclair cut loose in his solo, which is succinct and does the job admirably. The band's way with a tune continues on the beautiful 'Surprise Surprise', which has some wonderful vocals from Hastings and Perry and some fluid, melodic viola lines from Richardson.

The presence of 'Backwards', an old Soft Machine standard (that can be heard on their 'Slightly All The Time' from the classic 'Soft Machine Third'), in the epic 'A Hunting We Shall Go' again reveals they had not cut the ties with their Canterbury Scene heritage. The rest of this track, however, was one of their most musically expansive and elaborate tracks, featuring some lavish orchestrations that predicted the band's project with the New Symphonia in the following year. The band's interplay here is superb, with some gutsy guitar work from Hastings and tight, syncopation-heavy drumming from Richard Coughlan, but it's arguably Geoffrey Richardson who shines most vividly here.

As I hinted, there is a more muscular sound to the band than ever before; some tracks here are their heaviest, most rock- friendly tracks up to that point. 'Memory Lain Hugh' and 'C'thulu Thulu' in particular are notable for this, with some gutsy guitar riffs that must have been something of a surprise for those used to their gentler moments. Both tracks are excellent though; 'Memory Lain Hugh' is a stompalong rocker which segues into the uptempo 'Headloss' which is a more traditional track that again features some fine harmonies from Hastings and Perry. 'C'thulu Thulu' has a quite bleak atmosphere, with an eerie melody and lengthy instrumental section with Dave Sinclair at the top of his game. 'Be Alright/Chance Of A Lifetime' juxtapose the new, heavier Caravan with the older, folkier one, the first part being a John G.Perry-led rocker and the second being a pleasingly mellow Pye Hastings-sang track.

It's fair to say that the album was a resounding success, in terms of updating the band's sound. The album still stands up today, and was arguably the last bona fide 5 star classic album they would record, though subsequent albums have their pleasures too... - Review by salmacis (James Jeffery)

Track Listings

1. Memory Lain, Hugh / Headloss (9:14)
2. Hoedown (3:18)
3. Surprise, surprise (4:05)
4. C'thlu thlu (6:12)
5. The dog, the dog, he's at it again (5:38)
6. Be alright / Chance of a lifetime (6:35)
7. L'auberge du Sanglier / A hunting we shall go / Pengola / Backwards / A hunting we shall go (reprise) (10:05)

Total Time: 45:07

Bonus tracks on remaster (2001):
8. Memory Lain, Hugh / Headloss (9:18)
9. No! ("Be Alright") / Waffle ("Chance of a Lifetime") (5:10)
10. He Who Smelt It Dealt It ("Memory Lain, Hugh") (4:43)
11. Surprise, Surprise (3:15)
12. Derek's Long Thing (11:00)

- Richard Coughlan / drums, percussion, timpani
- Pye Hastings / vocals, elelectric guitar
- John G. Perry / bass, vocals, percussion
- Geoff Richardson / viola
- David Sinclair / keyboards
+ Paul Buckmaster / electric cello (7)
- Tony Coe / clarinet, tenor sax (1)
- Jimmy Hastings / flute (1)
- Rupert Hine / synthesizer (1-2-6)
- Pete King / flute, alto sax (1)
- Harry Klein / clarinet, baritone sax (1)
- Henry Lowther / trumpet(1)
- Jill Pryor / voice (5)
- Chris Pyne / trombone (1)
- Frank Ricotti / congas (2-3-5-7)
- Barry Robinson / flute, piccolo (1)
- Tom Whittle / clarinet, tenor sax (1)

Orchestra arranged by John Bell & Martyn Ford, conducted by M. Ford
Releases information

LP Deram SDLR12 (1973)
CD Polydor Records PO 1836 (1991)
CD Decca 82980 (2001 remaster)


297 Audições:

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Some consumers carry buying before towards the severe but purchasing proper right after the holidays to make the up coming holidays. Post vacation revenue are occasionally even more effective than pre-holiday revenue as departmental retailers make an effort to obvious excess stock by providing ridiculous deals.

Needful Adjustments

Moving up Christmas browsing a couple of many weeks will take slightly adjustment, spending budget smart, specifically while in the initial calendar year on the timetable alter. Nonetheless it doesn't carry a good deal to have used to it. Its just a matter of preserving to some set routine of placing just just somewhat money apart for provides.

The Gift Conundrum

Apart from producing purchases through revenue, ordering in bulk can conserve you a lot of money. Its often fine to break recipients into a number of groups very first - near family folks, spouse and children users, near buddies, associates, colleagues - you receive the concept. Performing so permits you to organize your purchasing improved. That stated I only have two recipient groups - instant loved ones and other people.

Obviously you'd wish to purchase additional private and thoughtful presents for your persons closer for you. But for additional generic presents, I recommend pack hunting, that is just like pack hunting, only nicer.

Pack hunting right here implies gathering a few of associates with comparable buying lists after which obtaining in bulk to carry benefit of economies of scale. I usually pack store with two other individuals in terms of generic presents. You might discover that it is easy to get obviously good presents like wine glasses at genuinely wonderful costs whenever you pack store.

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