With Walcott's Codona, no doubt the best fusion jazz project which includes massive Hindu "raga" elements. After the brilliant, psychedelic and highly original "Rainbow", the singer & lyricist Bobby Callender carries on an other conceptual, deeply religious album called "The way". The "soul", jazz rock music progressively lets the place to spiritual influences of the East, marked by choirs and orchestration. The combination of East meets West is very achieved, putting here more stress on meditative, peaceful effects than before. This musical universe is full of beauty and introspection. All the compositions are floating in a "sacred" time, punctuated by a fragile female voice and Callender's odd, mysterious recitations. A rare, unique and eternal album! An excellent following to the revolutionary "Rainbow". - Review by philippe (Philippe Blache)

Track Listings

1. Drone - Going Back - Ist and 2nd Movement (2:46)
2. Awaken John - Lord Am I Dreamnng (2:58)
3. Bhodi Tree (2:06)
4. Satori (2:28)
5. Story of Rasha and Dhara (4:27)
6. Chant: Kasha and Dhara and Love, Love, Love (0:59)
7. Shringara (2:02)
8. 3rd Movement - Satyagraha (6:37)
9. Transmigration - Travel With Me (3:43)
10. Karma Yogi (2:16)
11. 4th Movement - Ooda Rata Travel With Me (2:23)
12. Story of the Shepherd (3:49)
13. Let Thy Will Be Done (2:17)
14. Hari Om and Deva Chant Interlude (4:18)
15. Santa Grace (3:16)
16. Going Back Instrumental/Ooda Chant and Ending (4:42)

Total Time: 51:07

- Bobby Callender / vocals

- members of OREGON
Releases information

LP Akarma Records AK129


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