Blind Owl - Debut At Dusk (1988)

I essentially agree with Tarcisio Moura review although I find that Saga and FM to be more descriptive of their sound (along with Asia and Rush). For an 80's American band, I find the lyrics to be incredibly mature, comtemplative and dark especially in "Give Up The Ghost" and "Digital Animal Suite". However, I disagree with the low production comment by Tarcisio. It may be that he has a bootleg because the official CD has stellar production. I recommend that those interested seek prog distributors in the US (such as M&M Music) to find the official CD release which is still available. - Review by proggirl2 (Michelle Bouffard)

Track Listings

1. Feel The Fire (5:05)
2. Give Up The Ghost (5:41)
3. The Seed Has Been Sown (6:43)
4. Hymn For 84 / The Second Coming (4:28)
5. Life On Your Own (3:55)
6. Digital Animal Suite (9:39)
i) The Animal
ii) The Technology Highway Boogie
iii) The Nightmare Of Reality
7. Moroccan Sand (8:50)

Total Time: 44:21

- Bruce Alger / keyboards, guitar and vocals
- Brian Emerson / drums
- Michael Amedure / guitars and backing vocals
- Kenneth Bates / bass, guitar and vocals
Releases information

RAPTOR 27596


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