Black Widow - Return to the Sabbat (1969)

This was a total surprise to me! All old versions of the songs on this one are far more better than on the "Sacrifice" album! Kay's vocals bring a strange and wonderful extra element to this music, and it's sad that they didn't continue doing material with the same line-up. I believe that the reason for this was Kay getting a child. I also found the sound from analog source pleasant, and the faint cracks of the vinyl bring a nice extra atmosphere to this release.

I think that the album covers were bit more better on the 1970 version, though there's a funny hidden element on this one (a face of a devil?!). I first thought this was a four star album, but careful listening cleared it out that this is truly an unique masterpiece, and it deserves five stars. The only album by this band you seriously need! - Review by Eetu Pellonpää

Track Listings

1. In ancient days (9:28)
2. Way to power (4:08)
3. Come to the sabbat (4:11)
4. Conjuration (5:53)
5. Seduction (4:41)
6. Attack of the demon (3:57)
7. Sacrifice (10:48)

Total Time: 43:06

- Jim Gannon / lead guitar, vibes, spanish guitar
- Zoot Taylor / organ, piano
- Kip Trevor / lead vocals
- Kay Garret / lead vocals
- Clive Jones / flute, saxophone, clarinet
- Bob Bond / bass guitar
- Clive Box / drums & percussion
Releases information

CD MYS CD 129 (1998)
This album was recorded in 1969. It contains the original versions of material that would be re-recorded and released as the band's debut album 'Sacrifice'.


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this sounds very interesting. please upload it once more decause it,s not there any more.

17 de dezembro de 2007 16:10  

It seems like the link is down...

9 de outubro de 2010 06:03  

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