Analogy - Analogy (1972)

It is not for me to write a review of my own music. I'd just like to point out two things:

1. The album cover shown does not match the CD/LP portrayed here. It is the cover of a later album entitled THE SUITE, recorded in 1980 and published by Ohrwaschl Records, Munich. The correct album cover would show the band in the nude in the middle of a meadow. 2. Analogy is often portrayed as a Swiss band. Although we played a lot of gigs in Switzerland, the band was Italian as far as organisation, management and record label was concerned. Four of the five/six members were of German origin but lived and worked in Italy. The remaining members (Mauro Rattaggi and Nikola Pankaoff) were Italians to such a degree that they couldn't speak a word of German or indeed English for that matter. - Review by thurnmithoff

Track Listings

1. Dark Reflections (7:00)
2. Weeping My Reflection (4:50)
3. Indian Meditation (4:10)
4. Tin's Song (1:40)
5. Analogy (9:45)
6. The Year's At The Spring (4:35)
7. Pan-Am Flight 249 (5:15)

Total Time: 37:15

Bonus track on GOD release:
8. Milan On A Sunday Morning (6:07)

Total Time: 43:22


- H. J. "Mops" Nienhaus / drums
- Jutta Nienhaus / lead vocals
- Nicola Pankoff / keyboards
- Wolfgang Schoene / bass
- Martin Thurn / 12 strings acoustic & electric guitars, flute, bongos

Releases information

LP Dischi Produzioni Ventotto PRV/LP 2204 (1972 Italy)
CD Vinyl Magic VM 017 (1990 Italy)
LP Ohrwaschl VINYL 01 (1997 Germany)
CD Garden Of Delights GOD 059 (2002 Germany)


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