Tarantula - Tarantula (1976)

Long ago that I was looking for this disc, just the 2005 I could obtain a copy of the seal if they wan, surprised much to me the musical proposal of these Spaniards. He is not the typical Spanish who mixes rock with music Andalusian, like Triana, Alameda, Mezquita, Azahar. This group has a particular touch between symphonic rock and, frenetic parts of guitar and other parts with mattresses of keyboards very night watchmen.

The vocals leaves a good impression has much energy and passion, the compositions are not so complex, but if very elaborated, the letters in Spanish (my native language) are rocker without a doubt, speak of holocausto, of dark personages, dreams, nightmares and stories of fantasy. The nothing special, highest of the group is the music, that really transports to an abstract World. It is a group that there is to have, still more that now left a new edition, take advantage of this opportunity, will not regret to buy a jewel of the Spanish rock - Review by ChileProg (Guillermo Ponce Sandoval)

Track Listings

1. Recuerdos (6:00)
2. La Araña Y La Mosca (4:20)
3. Singladura Final (6:16)
4. Un Mundo Anterior (5:49)
5. Imperio Muerto (9:38)
6. La Danza Del Diablo (3:02)
7. Lydia (2:06)
8. Paisajes Pintorescos (7:00)

Total Time: 44:11

- Rafael Cabrera / vocals
- M.G. Peydró / guitars
- Vicente Guillot / keyboards
- José Pereira / bass
- Emilio Santonja / drums
Releases information

Si-wan Records SRMC 4002


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