Nuova Idea - Clows (1973)

Here is a great Italian prog album that many would enjoy. NUOVA IDEA's music tends to alternate between heavy prog, where guitar and hammond compete for domination, and mellow prog typical of the period. Their keyboardist reminds me of Rick WAKEMAN, at times, when he plays Hammond. He also plays Moogs, piano, and clavinet. I must warn that some of vocal-parts take getting use to. They are sometimes harsh, overly emotional, and typical of French bands like MONA LISA, and some ANGE. Fortunately, the majority of vocals on this album are done in a typically, softer, Italian style (PFM-like). I also bought their second album "Mr E. Jones", and really enjoy that one. It has a completely different style from "Clowns", and tends to emphasize jamming (at least on side B). - Review by Steve Hegede (Steve Hegede)

Track Listings

1. Clessidra
2. Un'Isola
3. Il Giardino Dei Sogni
4. Clown
5. Una Vita Nuova

- Claudio Ghiglino / guitar, vocals
- Giorgio Usai / keyboards
- Enrico Casagni / bass, flute, vocals
- Paolo Siani / drums, vocals
- Ricky Belloni / guitar, vocals
Releases information

LP Ariston Gnomo AR/LP 12100 (1973)
CD Mellow Records MMP123 (Italy)


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