Hidria Spacefolk - HDRSF-01 (EP) (2001)

The instrumental music of Hidria Spacefolk features a wide palette of instruments and styles, creating a genuine sonic ambient jungle. Although one can inevitably compare them to Ozric Tentacles, their point of view and playing are completely different. They are less agressive, less heavy metal and trance driven than the english band, nonetheless Hidria Spacefolk manages to create soundscapes quite innovative and trippy by mixing many genres like psychedelic, folk, world and reggae music. Pieces of music here evolve fluidly, progressively and harmiously. The tunes contains many changes, but are flawless and prevent the listener from losing his attention... And now, back to the record itself.

HDRSF-01 is the first effort from the finnish band and really impress in many ways. The overture track, Amos Ame, is a perfect example of the band's fluid and soft sound. Its pleasant electronic introduction goes on with a pretty guitar evolving melody with more and more psychedelic folk instrumental waves. The tune will offer spanish guitar and reggae passages with a bass quite reminiscent of Eloy' Dawn. Beautiful and flawless. Kafar-I is carved in the same stone, in a more jazzy and spacey way. You will heard wah-wah guitars fighting in the skies ! The enchantment goes on with Sindran Rastafan and its powerful electronic rock middle-oriental feel. This tune reminds a lot ok Kingston Wall's II. Gnomen is the first pure electronic track featured on the EP. Its introduction ressembles to Hallucinogen's Horrogram with digeridoo an percussions. Very catchy ! The disc ends with the calm Marastronaut, maybe the most mysterious and ambient track here. At first glance, the song is really relaxing and trippy, but suddenly becomes angrier and ends in an unknown tribal place. For that, it is nearly as Steve Hillage played the final guitar part !

Hidria Spacefolk is truely an original band to discover, especially if you're into Hawkwind, Gong and Ozric Tentacles ! Highly recommended 21th century psychedelic music ! 4,5 stars ! - Review by Modrigue (Nico)

Track Listings

1. Amos Ame (9:30)
2. Kafar-I (7:23)
3. Sindran Rastafan (9:20)
4. Gnomen (4:03)
5. Marastronaut (4:57)

Total Time: 35:13

- Kimmo Dammert / bass
- Mikko Happo / electric guitar, digeridoo, posthorn
- Teemu Kilponen / drums, percussion
- Janne Lounatvuori / rhodes, synthesizers
- Sami Wirkkala / acoustic, electric and midi guitar, jawharp, percussion

Guest musician:
- Teemu Väisänen / flute
Releases information

Author's edition - can be obtained at http://www.hidriaspacefolk.st/index.php?id=5


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