This was ANYONE'S DAUGHTER’s 3rd album and represented for them their largest single accomplishment at that point in time with this 40 mins epic track based on a concept fairy tale by Herman Hesse. On "Piktors...", ANYONE DAUGHTER recorded for the first time vocals in native German (as they would with the 2 subsequent albums "In Blau" and "Nerve Sterne") with most of the words actually being spoken (obviously citing and quoting Hesse’s thoughts and words) with all narration put to music. The end product is quite symphonic and quite beautiful throughout with my only wish that I could speak German and catch more of what Bareth and Co. are referring to (maybe someone out there can translate the lyrics for me ?). The album is full of some lovely sonic imagery and some very captivating symphonic progressive rock. This is an album that although I have owned for a long time was personally overshadowed (I will admit) by "Adonis" and their first album (which I love to pieces) and I now consider in the same light as those other albums. - Review by loserboy (James Unger)

Track Listings

1. Piktor (2:12)
2. Erstes Vorspiel (0:41)
3. Erster Teil der Erzählung (2:22)
4. Purpur (2:56)
5. Zweites Vorspiel (0:55)
6. Zweiter Teil der Erzählung (2:19)
7. Der Baum (7:30)
8. Dritter Teil der Erzählung (2:38)
9. Sehnsucht (5:36)
10. Vierter Teil der Erzählung (4:25)
11. Piktoria, Viktoria (0:34)
12. Fünfter Teil der Erzählung (0:40)
13. Der Dopelstern (4:25)

Total Time: 37:13

- Harald Bareth / bass, lead vocals, voice
- Uwe Karpa / guitar
- Kono Konopik / drums
- Matthias Ulmer / keyboards, vocals
Releases information

CD Music Is Intelligence WMMS 033 (1993) Germany

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