Cairo - Conflict And Dreams (1998)

I don’t know exactly for what reason that I spin the CD of this album that I got it 1999 (I used to put date of purchase in my CD jewel). I never pay enough attention for the band as at that time I think I was so amazed with Citizen Cain and Sinkadus that I purchased also around the same period. Having listened to more than 5 times, I think it’s fair now for me to review this album. Overall, this album is excellent. The band has a bright future with the kind of music they play. Their music is relatively complex and heavily influenced by GENESIS, MARILLION, IQ and ELP. I would say that this is when GENESIS meets ELP. On top of that, they have great musicianship especially keyboard and guitar, and songwriting.

The opening track “Angels and Rage” surprised me with the kind of keyboard melody and nuance similar to GENESIS’s “Cul-De-Sac” of “Duke” album. It appears at intro part. But when the music enters its body, it’s totally different kind of composition. This opening track is really uplifting with stunning keyboard and guitar. The kind of vocal voice of the band is similar to CAST. The second track “Corridors” is opened by keyboard style that reminds me to Keith Emerson play in ELP. Again, this is an excellent track. The keyboard style is really stunning. In some parts of the song, guitar fills are sometime similar to S HACKETT style. This is a kind of track that I enjoy very much.

The intro part of “Western Desert” reminds me to IQ “Nomzamo”; not in the melody but in the musical nuances. This track has dynamic drumming and stunning guitar in the style of STEVE HACKETT. If you don’t know the band, you may guess that this song is played by STEVE HACKET. This song has a relatively long (approx. 4 minutes) instrumental piece at the beginning of the track with great guitar and keyboard sound. Again, you may find KEITH EMERSON style of keyboard especially in a kind of sound like “boiling water” sound (you know what I mean). The solo keyboard by Mark Robertson in the middle of the track is wonderful. It is accompanied by Alec Fuhrman on guitars. Great composition.

“Image” is a short instrumental track with acoustic guitar and piano played with classical music touch. “Then You Were Gone” is not as complex as previous tracks. It has a nice light guitar riff that accentuates the song. I like the interlude part with great lead guitar and keyboard. The album is concluded excellently with “Valley Of The Shadow”, another great track. If you want to identify the heavy influence of ELP, it is in this track. I really enjoy the keyboard / organ / piano style here. If you enjoy ELP or TRIUMVIRAT, you may enjoy this album. Wonderful!

Overall, this is an excellent album with strong songwriting, great and skillful musicians. The only thing that this group should improve is probably on the production quality. If this album was produced with better sonic quality of the CD, I am sure it will be perfect! This album is definitely recommended! Gatot Widayanto, Indonesia. - Review by Gatot (Gatot Widayanto)

Track Listings

1. Angels And Rage (10:23)
2. Corridors (11:56)
3. Western Desert (17:08)
4. Image (1:25)
5. Then You Were Gone (8:25)
6. Valley Of The Shadow (15:52)

Total Time: 64:29

- Mark Robertson / synthesizers, Hammond organ, grand piano, vocals
- Jeff Brockman / drums
- Alec Fuhrman/ guitars, vocals
- Bret Douglas / lead vocals
- Jamie Browne / bass
Releases information

CD Magna Carta MA-9012-2


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