Yes - Close To The Edge (1972)

"Close To The Edge" esteve durante alguns meses ocupando a posição número um da lista de melhores álbuns da história do rock progressivo feita pelo site Prog Archives, que é referência mundial no estilo progressivo. De fato, possui a melhor formação do Yes com Rick Wakeman (teclados), Jon Anderson (vocal), Steve Howe (guitarra), Chris Squire (baixo) e Bill Bruford (bateria). É exclusivamente uma obra fantástica, sendo de fundamental importância que TODOS ouçam ao menos uma vez.

This is one of the best YES' albums. Some parts are really complex and rhythm changing. The epic track "Close to the Edge" contains outstanding lead & backing vocals; the airs are very catchy and addictive. Squire's bass is very bottom and loud. Wakeman's keyboards can be floating, rhythmic and melodic: there is a very vibrant church organ part. Howe's electric guitar is very good, and Bruford's drums are quite elaborated. Nobody steals the show here: the musicians play together and the good cohesion is obvious. The weak point of the album: the 3 first minutes on "Close to the Edge" are a bit irritating and Howe's guitar sound VERY coarse and goes nowhere! "And You and I" has more acoustic elements. Wakeman's floating mellotron and Howe's spatial guitar are very impressive. "Siberian Kathru" is the most accessible one: great vocals arrangements, the bass is very bottom, loud and complex, as always. This record really sounds like the prog band STARCASTLE! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Track Listings

1. Close To The Edge (18:50)
2. And You And I (10:09)
3. Siberian Khatru (8:57)

Total Time: 37:56


- Jon Anderson / vocals
- Chris Squire / bass, vocals
- Rick Wakeman / keyboards
- Bill Bruford / drums
- Steve Howe / guitars, vocals

Releases information

LP Atlantic #7244 (1972)
CD Atlantic 7567-82666-2 (1994)
CD Elektra 73790 (2003 remaster)


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