Vinegar - Vinegar (1971)

One of the countries that i consider pioneers of prog music is Germany, despite i am not a real lover of krautrock, i admit that several 70`s bands that came out from Germany were/are motif of inspirations between the bands themselves, they have developed an own style and that is why Germany is so big in this wide world of progressive rock.

Out of the ashes of that 70`s era, actually very early 70`s a band called Vinegar decided to make their own effort inspired mainly by the late 60`s psychedelic era and believing that they could contribute to the constant development of german rock, prog rock i mean, released a self-titled album and again, as several bands, disbanished after their first and only record This happened with several bands and the most of them remain being very obscure nowadays, Vinegar is not the exception, this album is very unknown and strange to get, even it is difficult to find some information about this band and relateds.

The music is very psychedelic as i said above, nonetheless sometimes i feel that they tried to experiment more that they should have to, the first song is not that powerful opener song that i expect in every album, actually it is the longest one of this album, but that doesnt mean that is the best, psychedelic guitar,some good riffs but it would have been better if the song lasted 7 minutes and not 12, sometimes repetitiveness is excelent, this time is pointless.

The next two songs could be considered as a one piece divided in two, "Sawmill" begins rockier than the first song and actually it sounds better, here we can find again some kind of experimentation but this time with the addition of both the flute and violin which sounds good but not superb, nice try and nice song.

The fourth song , is probably the one that fits perfectly in that German early 70`s psychedelic style, the organ ,drums and guitar will give you an idea, the horrible thing here are the vocals, i dont understand if they tried to be funny, but i dont like them at all, they sound ridicolous and terrible. "Fleisch" is the last song, and probably the one that i like the most, here the organ takes everything very calm and soft, sometimes sounds a bit dark, and then the songs turn heavier with some good guitar riffs.

I dont like to give so low ratings to unknown bands, but this time i have two things, in one hand the fact that i am not the most devoted follower of Krautrock (though i do love some kraut albums), and in the other hand being a prog lover as a genre, i find this album with no direction, i mean it doesnt show anything new, nor inspire me to listen to it frequently, so this time i will give to it only 2 stars, recommendable, yes, but only for fans of German kraut/psych music. - Review by memowakeman (Guillermo Hdez. Urdapilleta)

Track Listings

1. Missi Solis (12:31)
2. Sawmill - Tiel 1 (5:25)
3. Sawmill - Tiel II (5:10)
4. Der Kaiser Auf Der Erbse (7:07)
5. Fleisch (7:04)

Total Time: 37:17

- Bernhard Liesengang / bass, vocals
- Rolf Zwirner / guitar, violin
- Wolfgang Grahn / drums
- Ralf Modrow / organ, vocals
- Ambrosius Gulbatscher / gulbratsche
- Dagmar Dormagen / vocals, flute
- Jochen Biemann / guitar
Releases information

Recorded: January 1971 - Studio Rottenburg
CD Reissue GOD CD091 (2003)


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