Van Der Graaf Generator - Godbluff (1975)

Van der Graaf Generator is one of those bands that have released so many good albums, and like the other prog monsters their best albums are from the 70`s, anyway i love World Record, but i mean, when a band like thes has so many good albums, somewhere in the discography must catch your attention, to the grade of love the album or songs i dont know, with me it happens with Godbluff specially, i ike the other albums and maybe Still Life or H to He could be also masterpieces, but not my favorite albums, not as the same level a s Godbluff, because it caused an immediate effect in me while listening to it, so since then i took it as my favorite VdGG album, and i actually love it and think it`s a masterpiece.

Maybe this band is not catchy to everyone, not maybe, im sure of that, and one reason could be Peter Hammill`s voice which i love and consider a very special and superb voice, dark, sensible and hard at the same time, anyone has not even an alike voice, so that fact makes this band so special and so different, also i know the music that VdGG offers is great , not totally symphonic, not totally jazzy but with hints of several genres, and all that mix and uniqueness makes this band a weird band and not everyone`s taste.

Godbluff is a superb album for me, it has only 4 songs, but them all are great, starting with the emotional and weird vocals to the exquisite music, the sound of piano , bass and trumpets or saxes is simply great. Scorched Earth is my personal favorite song, but please check Arrow , greeeat song.. actually all are almost perfect , not a bad or weak point here, the music is so enjoyable for me, and musically i think the band is awesome.

So i recommend it so much, 5 stars anytime. - Review by memowakeman (Guillermo Hdez. Urdapilleta)

Track Listings

1. The Undercover Man (7:00)
2. Scorched Earth (10:10)
3. Arrow (8:15)
4. The Sleepwalkers (10:26)

Total Time: 35:51

Bonus tracks on remaster (2005):
5. Forsaken Gardens (live) (12:23)
6. A Louse is Not a Home (live) (10:26)

- Peter Hammill / vocals, guitars, piano
- Hugh Banton / organ, bass
- Guy Evans / drums and percussion
- David Jackson / saxes, flute

Releases information

LP Charisma CAS 1109 (Distribution USA: Mercury / Phonogram 1976) (1975)
CD Charisma (Virgin / EMI) CASCD 1109 (1988)
CD Charisma (Virgin / EMI) CASCDR 1109 (2005 remaster)


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