Which are the main requirements for a prog masterpiece? IMHO, they are beauty, magic, great musicians and melodies that can makes the listener flow. Well, "Bilbo" has all these elements and more.

It's an incredible trip through a Tolkien story, with classical instruments and superb baroque and medieval tunes, and the fascinating Magdalena Hagberg's vocals (I'm sure, there's no any other female singer with such beautiful voice).

Each detail had been extremely care, showing a refinement hard to find out in the genre. All pieces are highlights, and Pär Lindh demonstrate once again why he is one the best keyboardists among the heavy weights. Björn Johansson's strings job, as well as flute and oboe performances, are great too.

It's a magnificent and delicated album. Forget the noise or the experimentation, just let this beautiful music, true symphonic progressive, penetrates on you. A masterpiece. - Review by Marcelo (Marcelo Matusevich)

Track Listings

1. The Shire (4:14)
2. Gandalf the Magician (3:25)
3. Song of the Dwarfs (6:02)
4. Rivendell (2:20)
5. The Dark Cave (4:36)
6. Running Towards the Light (3:02)
7. Uncomfortable Seats (6:30)
8. In Beorn's Garden and Beorn's Walk to Carrock (3:12)
9. Mirkwood Suite (11:19)
a. Mirkwood
b. In the Palace of the Elven King
c. Barrel Ride
d. Laketown Fugue
e. The Return of the King
10. Smaug (3:36)
11. Roäc's Tale (1:18)
12. The Battle of the Five Armies (5:31)
13. Thorin's Funeral (1:47)
14. Afterture (3:58)
15. Shire Song (4:08)

Total Time: 65:05

- Pär Lindh / drums, timpani, congas, gong, electric percussion, Hammond organ, Mellotron 400 and Mark V, Grand piano, Harpsichord, Church organ, Clavinet D6, Solina string ensemble, Fender basspiano, 11 synthesizers including the LSE 1, Korg 3100, Yamaha SY 1
- Björn Johansson / classical, electric & Slide guitars, Bass, Bassoon, Zither, Jews harp, Mandolins, Samples, Sound effects Programming
- Anna Schmidtz / flute, oboe
- Magdalena Hagberg / vocals


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