Omega - Idörabló - 1976 - [Hungria]

Omega é a banda mais bem sucedida de toda história Húngara, formada no início dos anos 60 teve várias formações até se estabilizar em meados da década de 70. Ao longo do tempo sua sonoridade foi alterando-se e ficando cada vez mais distante do chamado “Rock Convencional”. Idörabló, 11º álbum de estúdio, é um de seus trabalhos que mais se aproximaram do progressivo, “Lÿszló Benkö” e “György Molnár” ditam uma sonoridade trabalhada, variada e coesa, “János Kobor” é um excelente vocalista que sempre soube marca presença, enfim um ótimo álbum para quem gosta de progressivo cantado em diferentes línguas, detalhe, sua versão em Inglêsa foi lançada um ano antes (76) com o título de Time Robber.

The first Omega LP released with identical instrumental tracks but released in two versions one with Hungarian vocals, the other in English. This album arrived when the band was at the pinacle of their career in the mid 1970's ( the English edition was released in 1976) in both the east and west. The album was recorded in Germany and released both on the Bellaphon label in Germany and Decca label in England. This record marked a definite change in the band's musical direction and offered a new kind of spacey, floating approach on the opening title track Idorablo. Keyboardist Laszlo Benko tamed his playing somewhat and shows more control which complements Gyorgy Molnar's guitar in this first piece which is divided into three sections. Once again I refer the listener to the official Omega web-site for literal translations of the Hungarian lyrics as they have as some of the songs have a slightly different meaning to the English edition of the record. There are also shorter more upbeat songs here which were almost a prerequisite on all Omega albums in the 1970's. Ejfeli Koncert (Late Night Show) is one of this reviewers favourite Omega tracks. It features a dramatic ending with searing vocal harmonies and a neat acoustic/electric guitar fill which introduces the grand finale. In either it's English or Hungarian presentation, a good bet for the prog fan who is into Eloy, Genesis, The Strawbs or Marillion. (A bit of trivia for you. The German hard rock band The Scorpions used to be the opening act for Omega in the 1970's!).

Track Listings

1. Napot hoztam, csillago (5:24)
2. Idõrabló (2:58)
3. Ablakok (3:26)
4. A névtelen utazó (5:25)
5. A könyvelõ álma (3:36)
6. Nélküled (7:06)
7. Éjféli koncert (5:49)

Total Time: 34:18
This album was also published in english under the title "Time Robber".


- Lÿszló Benkö / keyboards, mellotron, vocals
- Ferenc Debreceni / drums, percussion
- János Kobor / vocals
- Tamás Mihály / bass, vocals
- György Molnár / guitar

Releases information

LP: 1977, Pepita SLPX 17523, CD: 1993, MEGA HCD 17523


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