Änglagård - Epilog (1994)

Segundo álbum da banda suéca, vindo com um som mais sombrio e obscuro como já se observa pela capa.
A banda fazia um álbum totalmente instrumental, diferente do primeiro que teve algumas passagens vocálicas - dessa vez deram opção a um som mais experimental - mas mesmo assim os belos acordes de guitarra e a excelente bateria se encontram presentes, juntamente com a flauta e teclado.

Se você já conhece o primeiro álbum da banda, confira mais esse excelente álbum do Änglagård.

Does your taste in music extend to instrumental "symphonic" progressive rock? If so, EPILOG, from the 90s Swedish sextet Anglagard, is an album for you!

Admittedly, not everyone is attracted to the idea of longer, vocal-less songs, but if, like me, you thrive on variety in your musical options, and really appreciate top-notch musicianship, you shouldn't be disappointed by this excellent disc. Anglagard's music is very dynamic; it's full of surprises and changes in direction. Slower, softer passages featuring piano, flute and/or acoustic guitar are followed by louder, dramatic sections where the electric guitar, solid bass and drums, and synths are "to the fore," until the melancholy beauty returns again. Shades of classic Genesis and Yes can sometimes be heard here, but Anglagard is no mere pale imitation -- they're much too talented and strong a band to be dismissed as a clone.

This is good background music for reading, as there are no words to interfere with the words on the page. Another great way to appreciate Anglagard's soundscapes is to close your eyes, and supply your own images to accompany the lush and varied music: for me, some parts of "Epilog" evoke battle, while others had me thinking of a lone house at the edge of a wood, with fall leaves drifting down, and clouds scudding across the autumn sky. This music can provide great inspiration for the active imagination and "flights of fancy!"

EPILOG is highly recommended, and it amply deserves inclusion in the thinking prog fan's collection. Mental medication!

Track Listings

1. Prolog (2:00)
2. Höstsejd (15:32)
3. Rösten (0:14)
4. Skogsranden (10:48)
5. Sista Somrar (13:10)
6. Saknadens Fullhet (2:00)

Total Time: 43:44

- Mattias Olsson / drums, cymbals and percussion
- Johan Högberg / bass
- Thomas Johnson / Hammond organ, mellotrons and other keyboards
- Jonas Engdegård / guitars
- Tord Lindman / guitars
- Anna Holmgren / flute

Guest musicians:
- Åsa Eklund / voice
- Martin Olofsson / violin
- Karin Hansson / viola and double bass
- Jan Christoff Norlander / cello
Releases information

CD (Private) HYBCD 010 / CD (Exergy) EX 10


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