Mugen - Sinfonia Della Luna (1984)

Mugen is one of those japanese bands that make you feel you are listening to a pastoral italian band. The music is ethereal, full of magical changes, lots of full range keys, If you like fine keyboards, go for it.The singer has a great voice, though sings in japanese. Enjoyable even in the quietest moments. Ricardo Otero, Mexico. - Review by Ricardo Otero (Ricardo G. Otero mantecon)

This is another masterpiece of the symphonic prog. Even japanese prog sounds very different than the occidental, I think that Mugen brings us a beautiful experience, with some Genesis and classical influences. "Sinfonia della Luna" and "Dance... Romantic" are two great pieces of prog rock. Sounds like a magical tale of an ancient stroyteller. More than essential. If you want to continue this experience please listen "Leda et le Cygne"... - Review by progadicto (Ivan Avila)

Track Listings

1. Sinfonia della luna (8:20)
2. Magical wand (4:05)
3. Venezia (4:55)
4. Dance...romantic (5:25)
5. A parade of the wonderland (2:00)
6. Ballo della luna (10:30)
Bonus track on cd release:
7. Leonardo

Total Time: 52:09

- Masaya Furuta / drums, percussion
- Katsuhiko Hayashi / synthesizers, Mellotron, recorder, acoustic guitar
- Akira Kato / bass, bass pedals, acoustic & electric guitar
- Takashi Nakamura / lead vocals, synthesizers, acoustic guitar

- Takako Hayashi / vocals (7)
- Makoto Kaminishizono / electric guitar (2-6)
- Takako Morita / vocals (1-5), keyboards(6)
- Kunihiko Yamazaki / vocals (4), glockenspiel (5)


58 Audições:

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