La Pentola Di Papin - Zero-7 (1977)

Long since forgotten gem from the late 70’s Ital-Prog scene with some beautiful melodies and colorful character. In many ways this album is reminiscent of the best work of PFM with the addition of loads of scrumptious fuzz guitar. This quartet juxtapose classical keyboard arrangements with a heavy dose of Progressive elements characteristic of this region during this time. "Zero – 7" features some strong keyboard work with organ, mellotron, moog and piano to boot! Sonically this well preserved but aged recording offers some wonderful stereo panning and grand speaker separation. IMHO I would rank this right up there with the classics of this era... An essential album my friends. Do not stop... do not pass go... go directly to jail. - Review by loserboy (James Unger)

Track Listings

Side 1
1. Introduzione (9:42)
2. Stacco 1 (4:09)
3. Cieli Aperti (4:05)
Side 2
4. Una Vecchia Storia (5:59)
5. 45 I (2:36)
6. 45 II (5:09)
7. Conclusioni (4:08)

Total Time: 35:52

- Ferry Bettini / vocals, keyboards
- Angelo Lenatti / guitar, vocals
- Dory Dorigatti / bass
- Bruno Stangoni / drums
Releases information

Lp-Disco Più-DP 39010-Ita-1977 / CD-Vinyl Magic-VM 034-Ita-1993


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