Jethro Tull - Stand Up (1969)

Stand Up é o segundo álbum da banda britânica Jethro Tull. Antes de sua gravação, o guitarrista e co-fundador Mick Abrahams deixou o grupo devido a diferenças musicais com Ian Anderson. Abrahams queria manter o som blues-rock de This Was, enquanto Anderson preferia explorar outros formatos musicais. Stand Up representa o primeiro álbum onde Anderson exerce controle total sobre as músicas e composições.

Stand Up alcançou a primeira colocação entre os mais vendidos na Grã-Bretanha.

This album will always hold a special place in my life, being my very first exposure to rock music at the tender age of 5, my father having bought the album on the strength of Bourée, but the whole album was spinning often in the living room, with yours truly being truly fascinated by the superb artwork and its gatefold pop-up. Gone is Mick Abrahams to found Blodwyn Pig, and in comes the ever-present Martin Barre who is still today with the band.

There is not one weak track on this little baby. "Look into the sun", "Noting is easy", "We used to know", "Thousand mothers”, etc... As M. Abrahams left for Blodwyn Pig (a band I hope to see soon on this site) Ian had more space to develop his style and did he take advantage of it. Best known for Bourée, and often probably over-looked because of it, this album is incredibly tight and every number on it is a gem. My only regret is that they did not make another one like it before moving on. Every track is a real gem on here and choosing the better will make me select every single track here.

A New Day is a real dapper introduction, but the second number dedicated to Jeffrey and Fatman are the premises of the folk direction present in all future albums. Bourée is actually a duo of flute. We Used To Know has the best guitar solo on a Tull album, Reasons For Waiting is the first example of Tull utilising an orchestra and is it ever well done!!

The remastered version of the album holds four bonus tracks, three of which were released on singles but not available in an album before the Living In The Past collection. The LITP single is easily one of the highlights of Tull’s career and its 5/4 beat for a single was revolutionary at the time. Driving Song would actually have been more fitting on their Benefit album, but since it was released before Stand Up... As for Sweet Dreams, it came two months after the album’s release and boasts some brass section, a string section and intricate arrangements. The fourth track, 17, is a weird rarely made-available track that sticks out a bit too much out of context of the album, unlike the first three tracks. This slight flaw does not manage to dent this album’s importance and the fact that it is absolutely essential to understanding the advent of prog.

Track Listings

1. A New Day Yesterday (4:10)
2. Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square (2:12)
3. Bourée (3:47)
4. Back To The Family (3:48)
5. Look Into The Sun (4:21)
6. Nothing Is Easy (4:26)
7. Fat Man (2:52)
8. We Used To Know (4:00)
9. Reasons For Waiting (4:06)
10. For A Thousand Mothers (4:13)

Total Time: 37:55

Bonus tracks on remaster (2001):
11.Living in the past* (3:23)
12.Driving Song* (2:44)
13.Sweet Dream* (4:05)
14.17* (3:07)


- Ian Anderson / flute,acoustic guitar, Hammond organ, piano, mandolin, balalaika, bouzouki, mouth organ, vocals
- Martin Barre / electric guitar, flute on "Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square" and "Reasons For Waiting"
- Clive Bunker / drums, percussion
- Glenn Cornick / bass

Guest musicians:
- David Palmer / string arrangement and conducting on "Reasons For Waiting"

Releases information

LP Chrysalis CHR1042 (1969)
CD Chrysalis 535458 (2001 remaster)
CD Chrysalis Records (USA) 35458 (2002)


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