Gryphon - Treason (1977)

Gryphon's last album is absolutely a masterpiece! Yes, ok their sound is different, and one might say they have sold their soul for satan (money), but I can't agree on that. This is one of another breathtakingly album by this superior band! The folk elements and instruments are still there, the great musicship hasn't gone anywhere and the compositions are still brilliantly amazing. Each song sounds totally different from the previous one, and each song is splendidly exciting! No need to mention that this is the band that has made me like prog since it's such a unique and talented band. this is an absolute masterpiece provided by GRYPHON which is the finest prog folk band around, although it becomes a bit more commerical than the previous albums. However, the band keeps on being amazingly awesome. I can keep on like this forever, but let's sum this review by saying that this is a remarkable album that must be heard! - Review by Dan Yaron (Dan Yaron)

Track Listings

Side 1
1. Spring Song (10:00)
2. Round & Round (4:30)
3. Flash in the Pantry (4:57)
Side 2
4. Falero Lady (4:08)
5. Snakes and Ladders (5:15)
6. Fall of the Leaf (4:22)
7. Major Disaster (4:04)

Total Time: 37:16

- Richard Harvey / piano, sax, recorder, eletric keyboards
- Brian Gulland / bassoon, english horn, vocals, recorders
- David Oberlé / lead vocals, percussion
- Bob Foster / guitars, vocals
- Jonathan Davie / bass guitars
- Alex Baird / drums

Lyrics by Tim Sebastian Except no. 2 Foster / Sebastian


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