Eden - Perelandra (1980)

Eden was a large German band that did Christian prog, meaning that their work was based on Christian themes. I barely understand German, but this is obviously an adaptation of CS Lewis's science fiction Christian-themed trilogy. Eden was a big band that featured violin prominently, as well as flute and assorted percussion, but still with a rock base. excellent keyboard textures (if you like late 70s string synthy sounds) and a variety of good male and female vocals, often in powerful sounding choruses. Unlike their first album, "Erwartung", another concept album, the band went for shorter songs on this one, all of which pack a very dramatic, earnest punch. This almost-forgotten band won't be everyone's cup of tea, but fans of Novalis and late 70s Eloy will certainly enjoy this record. - Review by Heptade (Allister Thompson)

Track Listings

1. Abgesang (4:26)
2. Er Wird Sein (6:39)
3. Lichtlied (5:16)
4. Zwischenspiel (1:35)
5. Dem Verborgenen Zuwieder (4:25)
6. Perelandra (7:17)
7. Im Bragdon Wald (6:41)
8. Bilder Einer Welt (5:43)
9. Ausklang (1:53)

Total Time: 43:55

- Christos Charapis / bouzouki
- Kiriakos Charapis / bouzouki
- Michael Claren / bass, acoustic guitars, vocals
- Anne Dierks / vocals
- Michael Dierks / keyboards, vocals
- Hans Fritzsch / guitars
- Hans Müller / drums, percussion congas, timbales
- Dieter Neuhäuser / flute
- Annette Schmalenbach / vocals
- Dirk Schmalenbach / keyboards, sequencer, sitar, strings, percussion, vocals
Releases information

LP Eden Musik EM 20 001
CD Pila Music


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