Al Di Meola - Electric Rendezvous (1981)

Fantastic album due the ensemble, for me this is the best band that Al DiMeola ever worked with. It shouldn't really be named after him as the songwriting is separated between three musicians and the musicians in the band are all incredible.

I see this as a masterpiece just from the sheer luck of the combination of players, fully energetic and fascinating.

I wouldn't say IT IS for everyone, but again i think people who like great musicianship will be very interesting in this album even if it does sound cheesy at first.

Give it a go - Review by y'dellek

Track Listings

1. God-Bird-Change (3:51)
2. Electric Rendezvous (7:47)
3. Passion, Grace and Fire (5:34)
4. Cruisin' (4:16)
5. Black Cat Shuffle (3:00)
6. Ritmo de la Noche (4:17)
7. Somalia (1:40)
8. Jewel Inside a Dream (4:02)

Total Time: 34:27

- Al DiMeola / electric guitar
- Paco de Lucía / acoustic guitar
- Anthony Jackson / guitar
- Steve Gadd / drums
- Jan Hammer / keyboards
- Mingo Lewis / percussion, keyboards
- Philippe Saisse / keyboards
Releases information

LP CBS FC37654 (1982)
CD Sony B0000025OT
CD Columbia 37654 (1990)


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